Innovating Affordable Technology

Operating System
Class: 01 Introduced Operating System Install Operating System
Microsoft Office
Class: 02 Getting Started Topic A: The Word Window
Topic B: New Documents
Topic C: Document Navigation
Editing Text Topic D: Working with Text
Topic E: The Undo and Redo Commands
Topic F: Cut,Copy and Paste
Topic G: Find and Replace
Class: 03 Text formating Topic A: Character formating
Topic B: Tab Setting
Topic C: Paragraph Formatting
Topic D: Paragraph spacing and indents
Class: 04 Tables Topic A: Creating tables
Topic B: Working with table content
Topic C: Changing the table structure
Class: 05 Page Layout Topic A: Headers and Footers
Topic B: Page Setup
Class: 06 Graphics Topic A:Adding Graphics and clip art
Topic B: Working with graphics
Class: 07 Proofing , Printing and Exporting Topic A: Spelling and Grammer
Topic B: Auto Correct
Topic C: Printing and exporting documents
Microsoft Excel 2013
Class: 08 Getting Started Topic A: Spreadsheet terminology
Topic B: The Excel environment
Topic C: Navigating a worksheet
Topic D: Using a template
Class: 09 Entering and editing data Topic A: Entering and Editing text and Values
Topic B: Entering and editing formulas
Topic C: Saving and Updating workbooks
Class: 10 Modifying a worksheet Topic A: Moving and copying data
Topic B: Moving, copying, and viewing formulas
Topic C: Absolute and relative references
Topic D: Inserting and deleting ranges, rows, and columns

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